A DDWMPHN Local Pioneering Flexi Funding allocation to a Toowoomba based private Diabetes service, AH Diabetes, will result in the publication of a ‘Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Pump Guidelines’ booklet and eBook.

For the first time a booklet will fully explain the function of insulin pumps in a way that both the patient and health professional can easily and readily understand.

The DDWMPHN support comes at a time when the use of Insulin Pumps is on the rise in-line with the increase of Type 1 Diabetes.

The Guidelines availability in both booklet and eBook will allow people with different learning abilities to access it at anytime and anywhere.

While Insulin pumps come with instructions, the digesting of this information coincides with a stressful time for the newly diagnosed Diabetes patients.

The publication will greatly support these patients in understanding how to use the Insulin pump.

The Insulin Pump Guidelines will be distributed to General Practice within the DDWMPHN region.